"This work is unlike any other, in its range of rich, conjuring imagery and its dexterity, its smart voice. Carroll-Hackett doesn’t spare us—but doesn’t save us—she draws a blueprint of power and class with her unflinching pivot: matter-of-fact and tender." —Jan Beatty

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Friday Call for Submissions Love <3 The Hunger

The Hunger: Seeking Submissions of Visceral Writing and Artwork

Deadline: December 15 (Rolling)

“Send us work that bleeds. We want to be devoured.”


The Hunger is a new journal of visceral writing that publishes fiction, poetry, nonfiction, hybrid work, and visual art in three issues yearly, appearing in the Winter, Spring, and Fall. The theme of “hunger” is not confined only to food, but hungers and thirsts of all kinds: the craving for connection, the human need to be filled or emptied, the devastating desires that define our most alive moments. 

For full submission guidelines visit www.thehungerjournal.com/submit.

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Daily Prompt Love <3 Shame

1 May 2017

Read a story this morning about lunchrooms shaming poor children.

I cried for an hour. The scars of shame run so deep, follow us into adulthood, undermine the beauty and power of who we are at every turn, if it’s not healed. 

“I look in the mirror through the eyes of the child that was me.”― Judy Collins

Make art about childhood shame, about seeing that hurt child in your adult eyes, about healing shame. 

Daily Prompt Love <3 Talk Poverty

17 August 2016 

US Poverty Rates as of 2014

For more information, visit Talk Poverty

Overall Poverty Rate: 14.8%

Percentage of people who fell below the poverty line—$23,834 for a family of four—in 2014

Twice the Poverty Level: 33.4%

Percent of people who fell below twice the poverty line—$47,668 for a family of four—in 2014

Half the Poverty Level: 6.6%

Percent of people who fell below half the poverty line—$11,917 for a family of four—in 2014

Child Poverty Rate: 21.1%

Percentage of children under age 18 who fell below the poverty line in 2014

African American Poverty Rate: 26.2%

Percentage of African Americans who fell below the poverty line in 2014

Hispanic Poverty Rate: 23.6%

Percentage of Hispanics who fell below the poverty line in 2014

White Poverty Rate: 10.1%

Percentage of non-Hispanic Whites who fell below the poverty line in 2014

Native American Poverty Rate: 28.3%

Percentage of Native Americans who fell below the poverty line in 2014

People with Disabilities Poverty Rate: 28.5%

Percentage of people with disabilities who fell below the poverty line in 2014

Make art about poverty. 

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Sometimes the Prompt Really Hurts My Heart


Spent the day workin on a meal planning/shopping/cooking tutorial for some of my students who struggle with making their food dollars stretch.

In 2014:

46.7 million people (14.8 percent) were in poverty.
15.5 million (21.1 percent) children under the age of 18 were in poverty.
4.6 million (10 percent) seniors 65 and older were in poverty.
The overall poverty rate according to the Supplemental Poverty Measure is 15.3 percent, as compared with the official poverty rate of 14.8 percent.[ii]
Under the Supplemental Poverty Measure, there are 48.4 million people living in poverty, nearly 2 million more than are represented by the official poverty measure (46.7 million).

48.1 million Americans lived in food insecure households, including 32.8 million adults and 15.3 million children.

And this doesn’t even begin to touch the problems of global hunger.

Make art about literal, physical, hunger.


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