"This work is unlike any other, in its range of rich, conjuring imagery and its dexterity, its smart voice. Carroll-Hackett doesn’t spare us—but doesn’t save us—she draws a blueprint of power and class with her unflinching pivot: matter-of-fact and tender." —Jan Beatty

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Daily Prompt Catch-Up :-) Big Family Weekend :-)


Daily Prompt Catch-Up 🙂


All my kids coming home for a visit 🙂 Make art about visitors.



You are my children. You are my jewels. We old ones invest our future in you.” ~Diane Samuels Make art about children, young or adult, or about parenting.



I’m fixin to go on a sewin binge 🙂 The first known sewing needle came from southwestern France and dates to about 25,000 years ago. When I sew, I feel an endless procession of women surround me, as I, in my small way, add to the story. Make art about sewing, or needlework, or stitching something together.

ice-age sewing needles

A set of bone needles from the Cave of Courbet in the Aveyron Valley, near Toulouse, France. Believed to be over 13,000 years old.

Monday Must Read! Marilyn McCabe: Perpetual Motion and Rugged Means of Grace

Monday Must Read! 

marilyn mccabeThis week, meet Marilyn McCabe, author of Perpetual Motion, published by The Word Works in 2012 as the winner of the Hilary Tham Capitol Collection contest.

Peek inside and purchase Marilyn’s book from Small Press Distribution:


A chapbook, Rugged Means of Grace, was published by Finishing Line Press:


Marilyn’s poem “On Hearing the Call to Prayer Over the Marcellus Shale on Easter Morning” was awarded A Room of Her Own Foundation’s Orlando Prize, fall 2012, appeared in the Los Angeles Review.

View it at http://aroomofherownfoundation.org/on-hearing-the-call-to-prayer-over-the-marcellus-shale-on-easter-morning-by-marilyn-mccabe/

Her work has appeared in literary magazines such as Nimrod, Valparaiso Poetry Review, and Painted Bride Quarterly, French translations and songs on Numero Cinq, and a video-poem on The Continental Review.

Visit Marilyn’s blog about writing and reading at marilynonaroll.wordpress.com

Read more of Marilyn’s work online:

Valparaiso Literary Review:


The Cortland Review:


Interview at TNB:



Happy reading, y’all!



Friday Call for Submissions Love! 3Elements: Mania, Tower, Exposure.


Friday Call for Submissions Love!

3Elements Literary Review

Deadline: October 31, 2015

 Call for Submissions

3Elements Literary Review seeks fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, and photography for Winter/January issue.

Each quarter, three elements/words are given that must be incorporated into your story or poem. The rest of the story is completely up to you. If you choose to submit art or photography, only one element is needed.

Current elements are: Mania, Tower, Exposure.


“We appreciate good writing in any gWe appreciate good writing in any genre. We especially like edgy writing that offers insight into darkness. We prefer character-driven stories as opposed to plot-driven ones. We relish a piece with a great deal of heart and more than a little bit of Truth (note the capital “T”).We want to read a story that makes us feel edified or philosophical or amused or creeped out or angry or melancholy or inspired or, best yet, all of these things together.enre. We especially like edgy writing that offers insight into darkness. We prefer character-driven stories as opposed to plot-driven ones. We relish a piece with a great deal of heart and more than a little bit of Truth (note the capital “T”).We want to read a story that makes us feel edified or philosophical or amused or creeped out or angry or melancholy or inspired or, best yet, all of these things together.

We want to read a story we simply can’t put down.We generally don’t enjoy science fiction, unless a particularly well-written story rises above the ordinary to engage the heart as well as the mind. We despise cliché. We find stories that include gratuitous violence distasteful. Sexism, racism, or other forms of intolerance are intolerable to us. That said, you can certainly reveal a character through his/her prejudices; just don’t use a story to perpetuate negative stereotypes or ignorance. The world is already bursting with both.c

And now, the important stuff:

The three elements for the current submission period are: Mania, Tower, Exposure.

As you might have guessed, 3Elements Review  is a themed literary journal, hence the three elements, and all THREE elements (the specific words, Mania, Tower, Exposure—art/photography excluded) given for the submission period must be included in your story or poem for your work to be considered for publication in 3Elements Review; NO EXCEPTIONS WHATSOEVER. Synonyms of the elements will not be accepted.

For more information, and to review our submission guidelines, visit www.3elementsReview.com/winter-submissions. All work must be submitted through website.


When the Dream is the Prompt, or the Prompt is a Dream :-)


Daily Prompt

“I see you in your backyard’s lavender, post-lunch doze, dreaming someone.”~W.S. Di Piero

Make art inspired by lavender, the color or the scent or the flower 🙂 or the feeling 🙂

lavender dreams

Daily Prompt :-) In Pieces


Daily Prompt

Woke up feeling like life’s full of promise 🙂 So many dreams last night, but all that remains are shining fragments 🙂

Make art about fragments.


Monday Must Read! Diana Whitney: Wanting It

Monday Must Read!

DianaWhitneyheadshotThis week meet Diana Whitney. Diana’s first book of poetry, Wanting It, was released in 2014 by Harbor Mountain Press and became an indie bestseller. Wanting It won the Rubery International Book Award in the UK and was shortlisted for the Julie Suk Award here in the US.  Diana is the poetry columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and the winner of the 2015 Women’s National Book Association poetry prize, selected by Ellen Bass.  She is grateful to have received grants and fellowships from the Sustainable Arts Foundation and the Vermont Studio Center.

Diana’s poems, essays, and book reviews have appeared in The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, The Crab Orchard Review, The Rumpus, Mud Season Review, and many more. Her irreverent parenting column, Spilt Milk, was syndicated for years, ran as a public radio commentary series, and is currently being collected into a risky memoir about motherhood and sexuality.  A yoga teacher by trade, Diana blogs about the darker side of mothering for The Huffington Post and runs a yoga studio in Brattleboro, Vermont, where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and thirteen chickens.

Visit Diana’s website: www.diana-whitney.com

Get Diana’s book:


Reviews of Diana’s book, Wanting It:

Gulf Coast Magazine:


Coal Hill Review: 


Read Diana’s work online:

New poems:

Mud Season Review


One: Jacar Press


Book Reviews:





Author interviews:




Happy reading!





Sometimes the Dream Is the Prompt :-) and the Poem


Daily Prompt

Last night I dreamt of so so many shining spoons, too many spoons to choose from 🙂 Someone I love stood at my side and laughed indulgently at my excitement about all of those spoons LOL

Make art about spoons. 🙂


Friday Call for Submissions Love! Dare. Clockhouse: Risk. Dream. Share.


Friday Call for Submissions Love! 



Dare. Risk. Dream. Share. Ruminate.
How do we understand our place in the world, our responsibility to it, and our responsibility to each other? Clockhouse is an eclectic conversation about the work-in-progress of life—a soul arousal, a testing ground, a new community, a call for change. Join in.

Clockhouse accepts works of poetry, fiction, memoir, creative nonfiction, and dramatic works for stage or screen. We encourage submissions from both established and emerging writers.

All submissions must:
  • Be original, unpublished work written by the author
  • Follow the industry-standard formatting guidelines appropriate for the genre as well as the applicable guidelines below:
    • Fiction: Short stories and self-contained novel excerpts in a literary style. Genre fiction will be considered only if it sustains literary merit (Up to 5,000 words)
    • Poetry: All poetry in traditional and experimental styles including prose poetry (Up to 250 lines)
    • Memoir and Creative Nonfiction: All memoir and creative nonfiction in traditional and experimental literary styles. No academic or scientific essays (Up to 5,000 words)
    • Dramatic Work for Stage or Screen: Short dramatic works in traditional and experimental styles, either a standalone piece or an excerpt from a one-act or full length play or screenplay (Up to 15 pages)
  • Include a short bio of approximately 100 words or less
  • Include a brief artist statement: a few sentences about your work as an artist (i.e., not a “pitch” for this submission, but rather a statement about what you’re interested in writing about now, what drives your writing, or how your writing is reflecting or influencing the world at large, etc.)
  • Be submitted only through our online submission manager (see link at bottom of page). No email submissions will be accepted

Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will be discarded unread.

Submission period for the Summer 2016 issue opens on August 15, 2015 and closes at 11:59 p.m. on December 1, 2015.

See more at Clockhouse website: http://clockhouse.net/main/


New Writing Workshop! Writing the Forgotten Feminine

So excited! 🙂 Along with the fabulous MeLaina Elise Ramos​, I’m thrilled to be offering a brand new writing workshop! At the beach!

Writing the Forgotten Feminine:
Giving Voice to the Disregarded, Unsung, or Silenced Woman

A One-Day Writing Workshop in beautiful Grandview Beach, Hampton, VA 23664
September 19, 2015, 9am-5pm

Whether you’re drawn to the women left out of history books or that aunt in the family no one speaks of, or even your own woman-self, subverted, forgotten, or neglected in the demands of work, parenting, or relationships, the feminine voice is one of complexity, knowing, and power that spans all of human history.

And we want to hear it ring!

Join us for a gathering in which the mystery, the humor, the wisdom, and especially the strength of the feminine voice is celebrated and empowered.

Led by two women writers at different stages in their own work and lives, but who share a deep respect and interest in reclaiming the voices of forgotten or silenced women, this workshop will include readings on and by women who’ve been left out, as well as tons of prompts and exercises specifically designed to help you tap into and strengthen the feminine voice in your writing.

and….we cook for you! Lunch is included 🙂

$75 includes one-day workshop, tons of prompts and exercises, a take-away packet of reading and resource materials, and gifts created just for you.

If interested, email at vaprlover@gmail.com & carrollhackettma@gmail.com for details.

Please share!

surreal woman

Sometimes YOU Are the Poem <3

The beauty of the universe dances in your eyes. I hear her singing every time you laugh. You are Beautiful. You are Creation.

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