"This work is unlike any other, in its range of rich, conjuring imagery and its dexterity, its smart voice. Carroll-Hackett doesn’t spare us—but doesn’t save us—she draws a blueprint of power and class with her unflinching pivot: matter-of-fact and tender." —Jan Beatty

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New Publication! Thanks to The Blue Heron Review!

Grateful to the fine editors at Blue Heron Review for including me.

The poem here will be part of A Little Blood, A Little Rain, forthcoming later this spring from FutureCycle Press

Scroll down to read all of the wonderful writers. I’m honored to be in their company ❤

My poem “It Is Not What Waits At the Door, This Love” 🙂


Sometimes the Prompt Makes You Jump

Daily Prompt

Happy Leap Day! 

A leap year, where an extra day is added to the end of February every four years, is down to the solar system’s disparity with the Gregorian calendar. A complete orbit of the earth around the sun takes exactly 365.2422 days to complete, but the Gregorian calendar uses 365 days. So leap seconds – and leap years – are added as means of keeping our clocks (and calendars) in sync with the Earth and its seasons.


Other cool facts about Leap Years can be found here

Make art inspired by Leap Day or Leap Year 🙂 

leap frog

Monday Must Read! Susan Deer Cloud: Hunger Mountain

SusanDeerCloud400x300This week meet one of my favorite poets and one of the most beautiful souls in this world, Susan Deer Cloud. Susan is a mixed lineage Catskill Mountain Indian who has traveled to and sojourned in many places. She has a B.A. & M.A. in Literature/Creative Writing from Binghamton University and an MFA in Creative Writing/Poetry from Goddard College. She has taught literature and creative writing at the college level. Deer Cloud has been awarded various prizes, fellowships and awards, including a National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowship, 2 New York State Foundation for the Arts Poetry Fellowships, an Elizabeth George Foundation Grant, a Chenango County Council for the Arts Individual Artist’s Grant, Allen Ginsberg 1st Prize in Poetry (twice) & Prairie Schooner’s Readers’ Choice Prize in Poetry . Her books includethe stunning Hunger Mountain (Shabda Press 2014), Fox Mountain (Foothills Publishing, 2013), I Was Indian Before Being Indian Was Cool, I & I (Foothills Publishing, 2012), Braiding Starlight (Split Oak Press, 2010), Car Stealer(Foothills Publishing, 2009), and The Last Ceremony (Foothills Publishing, 2007).

Hunger Mountain (Seriously, you need to own this book!)

Shabda Press: http://www.shabdapress.com/susan-deer-cloud.html

Buy Hunger Mountain!


Praise for Hunger Mountain

“Native American poet Susan Deer Cloud is the master of the long lament, and Hunger Moon is her mournful and magical masterpiece.  The work is a song of celebration, but at times her pen becomes a low-sounding cedar flute, searching for that sorrowful note at the bottom of all the holes. When Deer Cloud lets loose one of her salty soliloquies about her mixed lineage mountain people and their exuberant and long-suffering lives, she clears the deck and points the finger at us all. But none of the colorful characters that inhabit Hunger Moon receive more poetic punishment than the poet herself. She wields a self-deprecating style of humor that goes beyond the call of humility. Deer Cloud digs deeper into the back-country Catskill mud she flings to find momentary marvels of wisdom and insight that are simply stunning … sentences of solid gold. At those moments … and there are many … readers will feel they have discovered genius and perhaps touched immortality.”–Evan Pritchard, poet and professor of Native Studies (Marist, Pace, Vassar, etc.) and author of No Word For Time, Bird Medicine, Native New Yorkers.

Find Susan’s Other Books!

Fox Mountain


I WAS INDIAN (Before Being Indian Was Cool): An Anthology of Indigenous Poetry, Volume II http://foothillspublishing.com/2013/id58.htm

Car Stealer


I WAS INDIAN (Before Being Indian Was Cool): an Anthology of Indigenous Poetry, Volume I


The Last Ceremony


In the Moon when the Deer Lose Their Horns

(Clements, Susan) 🙂 The first book I ever read by this poet, back in 1993 🙂


More About and From Susan Online!







Hear Susan Read!









Talk with Poet Monty Campbell Jr


Book Susan for Readings and Talks!


Happy Reading, y’all!

Susan’s the real deal!



Sometimes the Prompt Takes Us Where We Want To Go

Daily Prompt

Make art about early morning driving.


Sometimes the Prompt Is In the Pattern

Daily Prompt

Was greeted by frost on the windows this morning. Oh those fractals!

“Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand/And Eternity in an hour.”~William Blake 

Make art about fractal patterns in nature. Or create art where the structure is inspired by fractal patterns. 

frost fgractals

Friday Call For Submissions Love! Rathalla Review

Rathalla Review, the literary magazine of Rosemont College, is seeking submissions for the Spring 2016 online issue. Spring Reading period closes on March 18!

“Our mission is to give emerging and established writers and artists an outlet for their creative vision in our online and print publication. We publish the best fiction, creative nonfiction, flash fiction, poetry, and art, culled from a nationwide community of writers and artists. Rathalla Review’s staff, comprised of M.F.A. in Creative Writing and M.A. in Publishing candidates, merges the creative arts and the business of publishing into a shared voice and vision.”

Submission Guidelines here:



Sometimes the Prompt Rips Us Up By the Roots

Daily Prompt

Virginia devastated by multiple tornadoes yesterday. Even growing up near the coast of NC, where hurricanes and tornadoes happened all the time, I’ve not seen destruction like some of what happened here yesterday. Praying for everyone hurt by the storms. Make art about the power of nature. 


New Publications :-) Thanks to the editors at The Grief Diaries!

Gratitude and Love to the editors at The Grief Diaries for giving the first Ghost poems a home ❤ These poems are from my newest as yet unpublished collection, entitled Death For Beginners. 

Sometimes the Prompt Sees You Through

Daily Prompt

Make art about the preciousness of sight.



Daily Prompt Catch-Up! OooOooh That Smell!


Crocus! Tiny purple blooms announcing the slow change of season today in the yard! Make art about the first signs of spring.



I bought my first ever new car in 2010, and today, I paid that Lil Red Beauty off! I grew up poor, so this is a big deal for me, as someone who has had a very complicated relationship with money. Make art about finishing something. Or about your relationsip with money.

Paid in full-stamp

Grunge rubber stamp with text paid in full inside,vector illustration


Did an exercise with my Baby Poets last night where they did freewrites in response to a scent. Make art about a memory evoked by a particular scent.


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