"This work is unlike any other, in its range of rich, conjuring imagery and its dexterity, its smart voice. Carroll-Hackett doesn’t spare us—but doesn’t save us—she draws a blueprint of power and class with her unflinching pivot: matter-of-fact and tender." —Jan Beatty

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Special Call for Submissions Love <3 Dove Tales Seeking Work Exploring Empathy In Art

Dove Tales

Our DoveTales journal is a manifestation of the Writing for Peace mission to promote writing that explores the many aspects of peace. One of our goals is to expose young writers to a diverse collection of thoughtful works by both established and emerging writers, as well as our Writing for Peace advisers.

DoveTales also features works by the winners of our annual Young Writer Competition. The journal will be released on July 1, 2018. There is no fee for submission, but please read our guidelines carefully.

Theme: The theme of our 2018 issue of DoveTales is Empathy in Art: Embracing the Other. As in our previous issues, we encourage contributors to take a broad view of the definitions of “empathy,” “art,” and “other” within the context of peace.

  • The reading period begins October 1st, 2017, and ends March 15th, 2018, for a publication date of July 1, 2018
  • We prefer previously unpublished work, but if you feel your published piece is especially relevant to our theme, and you own the rights to it, please give us all the particulars of its publishing history so we can be sure to properly credit the previous publisher.
  • Work must be submitted electronically through Submittable.  Please include a 50-word third-person biography, and make sure your contact information and mailing address are current.
  • We are happy to accept simultaneous submissions, but please inform us immediately if your work has been accepted elsewhere.
  • Contributors maintain all rights to their work, but grant Writing for Peace the right to publish work in both hard copy and e-book formats. Contributors will receive one complimentary hard copy of the journal. Should the piece be re-published later, we would be grateful for a mention.

The theme of our 2018 issue of DoveTales is Empathy in Art: Embracing the Other. As in our previous issues, we encourage contributors to take a broad view of the definitions of “empathy,” “art,” and “other” within the context of peace.

Learn More About Writing For Peace Here

Complete Guidelines Here

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Friday Call for Submissions Love <3 One Person's Trash Seeking Work About Homelessness

One Person’s Trash Accepting Submissions for Issue 4

Their call: 

“We are a literary journal about homelessness that prints quarterly and features high quality work on our website. In addition, One Person’s Trash is sold by the South Sound area homeless population with them keeping all profits. We are seeking submissions for Issue 4. We want your stories of street life and getting by; your poems about the folks under the overpasses and in the alleyways; your art that speaks to, by, or of the homeless. Please send us your fiction and nonfiction stories, your poems and visual art, your work of the heart on homelessness. Thank you.”

Visit the journal HERE 

Detailed Submission Guidelines HERE

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Spring Openings for One-on-One Manuscript Consultations!

Spring Openings for One-on-One Manuscript Consultations!
Choose which works best for you: an intensive weekend at The beautiful Porches Writing Retreat, owned by the fabulous Trudy Dean Hale or a distance consult–four weeks focused on your book via email, mail, & phone.
I’d be honored to help with your writing.
From my most recent consultation:
“My weekend consult with Mary was the best writing instruction and editing commentary I have received since I started working on my first novel. She was incredibly well prepared with an in-depth knowledge of my plot lines and characters. She asked me the right questions to help me articulate where I wanted my novel to go, and was able to share her wealth of experience as a teacher to help me make my characters more real, and my writing much more smooth. I truly enjoyed my weekend with Mary, and am grateful for having had chance to work with such a talented teacher.” -Marni von Wilpert
Email me and let’s talk about how, working together, we can make your beautiful work even better!
 editing pixabay

Friday Call for Submissions Love <3 Barking Sycamores

Barking Sycamores

Seeking Submissions on the theme of The Undiscovered Country  

Deadline: January 31, 2018.

From their website:

“Barking Sycamores is a literary journal entirely edited and operated by queer, neurodivergent people of color. We seek poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction,hybrid genre works (8,500 words or less), and art by neurodivergent writers and artists for our Issue 16. SUBMISSION PERIOD: December 1, 2017 – January 31, 2018.

Our theme for Issue 16 is “The Undiscovered Country.” We took our inspiration from the film Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, but you might also remember that the phrase “the undiscovered country” appears in Shakespeare’s Hamlet as the title character speaks of death: “from whose bourn no traveler returns.”

So, don’t limit yourselves to works that depict space exploration. We’re looking for creative pieces that explore themes of venturing into unknown lands, new ways of thinking, new interpersonal relationships, building new civilizations and cultures…you get the idea. We’re especially interested in works about journeys from which one does not expect to return unchanged, if one returns at all. We invite contributors to submit work that fits the theme as broadly or as narrowly as desired.

We also seek essays on the impact of neurodivergence on the creation of literary works (8,500 words or less) and book reviews (1,000 words or less).

The philosophy of our journal is unique, so we ask that interested creatives consult our submission guidelines before sending any work to us. Our guidelines are available on our Submittable page and on our general guidelines page.”

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Start the New Year by Sending Out Your Beautiful Work! Call for Submissions Love <3 HARTS & Minds Seeking Chromatography

HARTS & Minds is seeking submissions of original, creative work for our next issue: Chromatography.

Deadline: Feb 16, 2018
Open to interpretations of chromatography for creative work, including:
•    Colour symbolism
•    The materiality of colour – pigments, paints, textiles
•    Colour history
•    The significance of colour in different cultures
•    The effect of colour science and optics on the humanities
•    Synaesthesia, or hearing/tasting/smelling colour
•    Black and white or the ‘absence of colour’
•    Language and naming colour
•    Gendered, queer or so called ‘perverse’ colours
•    Colour and the emotions and the senses
•    Architectural colour and the environment
•    Colour theory
•    Natural vs. synthetic or unnatural colour
•    Colour in Advertising and Media
•    The psychology of colour
Submissions are open to poetry (3 short poems or 1 long poem), short stories, creative essays and book reviews (up to 4,000 words).
All submissions are accepted through e-mail at  editors@… until 16th February 2016.
Full guidelines and submission call can be found on their website
Follow them on Twitter @HartsMinds!

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Call for Submissions Love <3 K'in Seeking Poetry, Fiction, & Nonfiction


Reading Now For Our Inaugural Issue! 

Submission Details

Prose: 5000 words or less, open to content, form, structure.

Fiction: We welcome short stories of all shapes and sizes, from the mind-blowing traditional story to fiction that blurs the lines between forms, genre fiction, experimental fiction, etc. We also welcome flash and micro fiction.

Nonfiction: We’re looking for slow burns in a world of hot takes, questions asked instead of answers proved. We welcome a wide variety of nonfiction—traditional essay, narrative nonfiction, micro/flash memoir—and encourage experimentation, though not at the expense of factual truth. Too many true stories go untold, and we want to offer space to honor those voices.

Poetry: 3-5 poems, open to content, form, structure. Please don’t forget the power voice, sound, and time can have in poetry.

For all submissions, simultaneous submissions are permitted, but please let us know. To withdraw one part of a submission, please add a note in Green Submissions so that the information is instantly available to all editors. We will not process emailed withdrawal requests.
Experimental, traditional, playful, prayerful, celebratory, challenging: human—try us. Show us a new way to tell one of the millions of stories under that glorious sun.

Visit K’in Here

Complete Submission Guidelines Here 


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Friday Call for Submissions Love <3 Offbeat

The Offbeat: Call for Submissions

Submissions accepted year-round.

 From their call: 

“The Offbeat is calling for the thought-provoking, the humorous, and the quirky to submit work for our next volume! We’re looking for unique works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and sequential art. Submit writing that is intriguing and “off the beaten path,” but not unnecessarily explicit. Please go to offbeat.msu.edufor guidelines and to submit up to 3 poems or flash pieces (under 1000 words each), sequential art not exceeding 10 pages, or other pieces under 4,000 words. Simultaneous submissions will be accepted, but please inform us immediately if your work is being published elsewhere.”

Visit Offbeat HERE

Submission Guidelines HERE

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