"This work is unlike any other, in its range of rich, conjuring imagery and its dexterity, its smart voice. Carroll-Hackett doesn’t spare us—but doesn’t save us—she draws a blueprint of power and class with her unflinching pivot: matter-of-fact and tender." —Jan Beatty

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Friday Call for Submissions Love x 2 Burningword Literary Journal

Submission Guidelines

Burningword Literary Journal accepts poetry, flash fiction, and flash nonfiction submissions for publication. Please read through the brief guidelines and publishing schedule before you submit.

Genres and Details (revised for 2017)

  • Poetry in any form or style. Your poetry submission may contain up to five (5) poems, may be submitted as one file, run fewer than 10 pages in length, and must be unpublished. Simultaneous submissions are welcomed so long as you withdraw them when accepted elsewhere.
  • Flash fiction (a.k.a. microfiction, short-short story, sudden fiction, etc.) submissions should aim for a word-count of 300-500 words or less per piece, may contain up to two (2) pieces per submission, may be submitted as one file, should run fewer than 5 pages in length, and must be unpublished. Simultaneous submissions are welcomed so long as you withdraw them when accepted elsewhere.
  • Flash nonfiction up to 300 words. You may submit up to two (2) pieces per issue, may be submitted as one file, should run fewer than 5 pages in length, and must be unpublished. Simultaneous submissions are welcomed so long as you withdraw them when accepted elsewhere.
  • Please keep your email address updated in Submittable because that’s how we notify you of our editorial decisions. We now charge a modest submission fee of $3 to help offset the cost of maintaining the manuscript system and web-hosting. Because of this change, we now encourage multiple pieces per submission, as outlined above.

Important Guidelines

  • The submission review process is double-blind; please remove all instances of your name from your work before uploading it!
  • Your name (or pen name), along with contact info. and third-person bio should be entered using the submission form. Those items will be published with the selected work, per the terms of use agreement. Do not include any information that you do not wish to be shared publicly!
  • Visual art and similar decoration should not be included in your submission. If such elements are critical to your work, please consider another publication.
  • If you need to withdraw a submission for any reason, please do so within our submission system.
  • If you use a pen name, be sure to use that in place of your real name, in all instances.
  • Your name (or pen name), along with contact info. and third-person bio will be published as is, along with your selected work.
  • If you need to modify a submission for any reason, including your name (or pen name), contact email, biography, etc., please do so within our submission system. Modifications to work, including byline and bio, are not possible after publication.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions and prefer unpublished material.

Guidelines After Publication

  • There is no ability to “proof” your work after it has been chosen for publication. Errors made by Burningword Literary Journal to either the print or electronic versions will be corrected by Burningword ASAP. Please let us know if you find an error.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions; however, if we accept your work for publication, it is your responsibility to immediately notify all other magazines it is no longer available.
  • The authors we publish receive a complimentary eBook issue and reduced rates for print copies.


Burningword is a quarterly web, print and digital publication with issues published January 5, April 5, July 5, and October 5. The cut-off date for submissions is the 5th day of the prior month for each quarter:

  • January Issue Submissions open October 1st and close December 5th
  • April Issue Submissions open January 1st and close March 5th
  • July Issue Submissions open April 1st and close June 5th
  • October Issue Submissions open July 1st and close September 5th

Copyrights, Reprinting, and Attribution

Burningword Literary Journal typically asks for the rights to publish an author’s work in a single print edition, an epub version of the same issue, and also in future retrospective editions of the journal. We make our entire journal available to subscribers, with the most recent issues available to all. After publication, all rights revert to our authors, and if you wish to reprint, repost, or redistribute their work in any form, it is your responsibility to contact the writer and secure permission. Please take a quick look at the Copyright Notice and our Terms of Use. Our policies were created to help protect your rights, and ours, too.


The process is simple and will allow you to keep track of where you’re sending your writing. Good luck!

Submit Here!

Very Special Call for Submissions Love <3 FutureCycle Press and Good Works Review

The wonderful Robert S. King and Diane Kistner at FutureCycle Press are launching a new journal: Good Works Reviewnow open for submissions. 

From the website: 

“Submissions to our first issue are now open (see guidelines) for poetry, short fiction, literary essays, and black-and-white artwork. We will not publish online but in an annual printed issue along with a Kindle e-book version, usually in December of each year.

Like Kentucky Review, this new publication is part of FutureCycle Press’s Good Works Projects. All proceeds from sales of GWR are donated to the ACLU.

Website: http://goodworksreview.futurecycle.org/

Guidelines: https://futurecycleflash.submittable.com/submit

Friday Call for Submissions Love <3 Blood Tree: Inaugural Issue

Blood Tree
“Blood Tree Literature is an up-and-coming online literary journal based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We are currently looking for lyrical and resonant works of flash fiction/nonfiction, prose, experimental, and hybrids that push the boundaries of convention and genre. We welcome both published and emerging writers. 
Additionally, we are so excited to announce that we are welcoming visual artists to submit art forms including but not limited to: video essays & short films, photo series, fine art collections, graphic design, and each and every variant of these medias. Artwork will be accompanied by a biography and a link (if applicable) to the artist’s website. This is a great opportunity for those who are looking to both promote their art through a different medium and draw attention to personal portfolios.
Please send submissions to bloodtreelitATyahooDOTcom to be considered for publication. All submissions must be submitted in a single Microsoft Word or PDF document with page numbers. Please include a cover page stating your name, a brief bio, and your contact information. 
The launch of Blood Tree is due this summer. Submissions are rolling.
Website: https://www.bloodtreeliterature.com/
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/bloodtreelit/about/
Editor at Blood Tree 

Some Call for Submissions Love <3 The Broke Bohemian

The Broke Bohemian Summer Edition 2017

Deadline: June 14, 2017


The Broke Bohemian is now accepting submissions for the Summer 2017 Edition! We publish pieces at the forefront of unconventional thought and outlandish perspectives. Get wild. Wear your activism proudly. Bare your teeth. Rise up, and rave in the name of Beauty. We commit ourselves to fostering the voices of all people, especially those who’ve been disenfranchised and unheard among the ever-booming holler of the bourgeoisie! Come join the Bohemians!

Website: brokebohemian.com  

Guidelines: https://www.brokebohemian.com/submit/


Monday Must Read! Natural State by Jon Tribble

Jon tribbleJon Tribble‘s first collection of poems, Natural State, was published by Glass Lyre Press in 2016. His second collection of poems, And There Is Many a Good Thing, will be published by Salmon Poetry in 2017. His poems have appeared in print journals and anthologies, including Ploughshares, Poetry, Crazyhorse, Quarterly West, and The Jazz Poetry Anthology, and online at The Account, Prime Number, and storySouth. He teaches at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, where, aside from being an excellent person and amazing literary citizen, he is the managing editor of Crab Orchard Review and the series editor of the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry published by SIU Press.

Buy Natural State!

Praise for Natural State

One of the poems in Jon Tribble’s Natural State observes that “the finest / moment of our lives may not matter at all.” That’s a devastating truth, but Tribble’s poems about growing up in Arkansas make every moment he renders matter, and matter deeply. Natural State may be Tribble’s first collection, but it’s as polished, mature, and wise as most poets’ fourth or fifth, and it not only matters, its publication is one of contemporary poetry’s finest moments. – David Jauss, author of You Are Not Here and Glossolalia: New & Selected Stories

More from Jon Online


Connotation Press

Atticus Review

Ghost Town

The Account

The Museum of Americana

The Whale

Prime Number




Interview & Reading! Literary Power Couple: Jon Tribble & Allison Joseph


and, in gratitude for all of the years of service Jon has given to our community–

Support Crab Orchard Review


Happy reading!




Friday Call for Submissions Love <3 Cahoodaloodaling: Solitude’s Spectrum


A quarterly themed journal 

Website: http://cahoodaloodaling.com/

Guest Editor James H. Duncan
“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.” —Hemingway
Solitude—whether alone on the road in a car, train, motel room, or a forest trail, or even secluded and tucked away in your home, whether it’s a welcomed moment of peacefulness or a lonely state of despair—times of solitude shape us, recharge us, and break us down to our essence. Sometimes we choose to step away from the world. Sometimes the world breaks us and casts us aside. In those moments alone, if we make the choice to continue and create, true artists are born. We cross a border we cannot uncross and heal through our words, finding ourselves—and sometimes finding new selves in the process. As Hemingway said, sometimes we’re strong in those broken places, and sometimes we’re not. Sometimes that jagged broken part affects us forever afterward.
This fall issue we are interested in capturing both the positive, reaffirming pieces about solitude along with those that reveal pain, heartbreak, and introspection. We seek to investigate those breaking point moments, those halting discoveries, those empowered decisions that compel us to walk away from the world and to let the silt settle in the pool of water in our soul. Whether you enjoy locking yourself away or you had to in order to save yourself from hell, we want to hear how these moments lead to creative revelations and re-energized focus, or how they still haunt you to this day.


Submissions due 9/9/17. Issue live 10/31/17.  Read guidelines for submissions at:

Friday Call for Submissions Love <3 500 Miles, New Publication Seeking Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry

500 Miles Magazine Seeking Submissions for Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry

500 Miles Magazine is a new publication for writers who create work a little outside the mainstream. We enjoy the funny, the experimental, and the generally well written. They are currently seeking submissions in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

Rolling submission process.

No bio or cover-letter is required.

Submissions are free.

Please copy and paste your work into the body of your email to: :500milesmagazineATgmailDOTcom.

If your submission is accepted, they’ll ask for your bio.

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