"This work is unlike any other, in its range of rich, conjuring imagery and its dexterity, its smart voice. Carroll-Hackett doesn’t spare us—but doesn’t save us—she draws a blueprint of power and class with her unflinching pivot: matter-of-fact and tender." —Jan Beatty

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Daily Prompt Love <3 Seeking Solace

26 July 2017

The world is in so much pain right now, so much anger, so much fear. If I am not mindful, that collective despair will weigh down on my back, settle ’round my shoulders like a yoke, until it chokes me, and I am become part of the problem, rather than doing what I think I should–choosing light, choosing peace, choosing Love–doing all that I can to be a force for compassion and Love in this world. So I have to make sure that I care for myself, body and spirit. I personally seek solace in the natural world, in my garden.

It reminds me, daily, that we are made not from our successes, but from the narrative of learning embodied in failure, every lush, red tomato now the product of years on my knees, learning, lessons gifted by seeds that did not germinate, rain that did not fall, soil that wasn’t ready, woodlings that wandered in and ate the fruit, reminders of my rent being due, for sharing this space.

Reward, and humility, in equal share, mistakes and losses, the cost of carelessness, the reminder that I own no space alone in my time on this planet, reside always in the garden. But even more, for me, in that small space, dwells possibility. Even in the darkest winter months, I imagine what will come, with spring. I find solace in the garden’s persistent gift, the imagining of an unimaginable future.

Make art about where you find solace. 


Daily Prompt Love <3 When I Ask Why

6 June 2017

Make art inspired by this. 



Daily Prompt Love <3 Two Today <3 On Power, and Violence

8 March 2017

Make art about collective power. 


9 March 2017

Make art about the violence of poverty. 

poverty of violence

Daily Prompt Catch-Up! Finally! 24 New Creativity-Inspiring Prompts!

And hopefully I’m back on track with these 🙂 ❤ Love y’all!


Make art about buried treasure.


Make art about working toward a goal.


Make art about the sound of walking.


Make art about frailty.


Make art about a youngest child, that last child.


Make art about what’s revealed in the moonlight.


Make art about birds on a wire.


Make art about going back in time.


Make art about leaving an inheritance, or receiving one, on what’s inherited.


My mama used to quote the Bible, saying, “Never a prophet in your own land.” Make art inspired by this quote.


Make art about transitions.


I really want to take a ceramics class. Make art about what you want to learn.


Make art about excavation, literal or metaphorical.


Canning apples for days. Make art about the fruits of autumn.


Make art about every day angel encounters.


Make art about the sacredness of water.


Make art about making a trip home.


Make art about what kind of road your heart would be.


“When born, you inherit what’s burning.”~Liam Rector Make art inspired by this quote.


Make art about night driving.


A friend came across an old painting that looks just like me. Make art about doppelgangers.


I set out food for the ancestors, cornmeal and milk for the wee folk, lit a fire and watched it burn. Make art about ancient traditions.


Sometimes the sorrow is so deep, all I know to do is cook. Make art about process sorrow in an unexpected way.


Make art consoling, receiving, or giving, consolation.


Make art about feeling paralyzed.


Back to the daily daily tomorrow!



Daily Prompt Love <3 Reconnecting through Common Ground


Make art about connections made through food, connections in the present, or to the past. 


Daily Prompt Catch-Up <3 Leaves, & Autumn, & Just Going From Here


Walking in these West Virginia mountains 🙂

“The falling leaves, all over the forest, are protecting the roots of my plants. Only look at what is to be seen, and you will have garden enough, without deepening the soil in your yard. We have only to elevate our view a little to see the whole forest as a garden.” ~Thoreau

Make art about ‘garden enough.’



Driving back from WV, I stopped for gas, and Road Angel Louise tells me her story of trying to recover from the recent flooding, what it’s like to lose so much. “Just go from here, I reckon,” she said.

Make art about rebounding from tragedy, about how we ‘just go from here.’



Dreamt someone I love brought me apples, Honey Crisp and Red Delicious, Granny Smith and Winesap, even a couple of Arkansas Black. He sliced one with his sharp knife, and smiling, said, Here you go, Missy. A taste of what’s to come.

Make art about the taste of autumn. Or about what’s to come.



Big Ol’ Daily Prompt Catch-Up! Almost a Month’s Worth of Prompts! Gettin back on track around here :-)


Spent a lot of time the last two days in traffic jams.

Make art about something unexpectedly positive arising from being stuck in a traffic jam.


Make art about ceremony.


Make art about grandmothers.


Make art about spirituality or faith as a spectator sport.


Make art about realizing you already had what you though your were looking for.


Make art about finding family, or about the family you choose, rather than the one you were born to.


Mercury goes into a three week retrograde, starting today. Careful with communication and travel plans.

Make art about something spinning backwards, or about a snafu in communication or travel.


Make art about taking a shortcut.


Make art about coming back home.


Make art about a specific request from a child.


Make art about dragons.


Interestingly, the word dragon derives from two separate Greek words. One word means “a huge serpent or snake” and the other means “I see clearly”.

Make art about seeing the panoramic view, the big picture.


Make art about getting your wings.


Recently witnessed a young man in line at the grocery store pay for the purchases of the stranger behind him, just as an act of kindness.

Make art about an act of kindness toward a stranger.


In that same grocery store line, the woman behind me, even after having witnessed the young man’s spontaneous act of kindness, ranted on about how awful young ones are.

Make art about being blind to what’s right before you.


Soundtrack for the day: R.E.M.

Make art about losing your religion.


Whoever the next man in my life turns out to be, he’s gonna need to love onions 🙂 or at least be tolerant of how much I love em.

Make art about loving someone in spite of themselves 🙂


I have been diagnosed with Complicated Grief Based PTSD. PTSD is so misunderstood.

Make art about PTSD, about the echoes and scars of trauma.


The sky was so blue that day.

Make art about the tension of beauty set against tragedy.


Each heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can share its joy.” (Proverbs 14:10).

Make art about healing bitterness. Or about finding compassion for a bitter person.


“Where is a woman, there is magic. If there is a moon falling from her mouth, she is a woman who knows her magic, who can share or not share her powers. A woman with a moon falling from her mouth, roses between her legs, and tiaras of Spanish moss, this woman is a consort with the spirits.”~Nzotake Shange. Ms. Shange has inspired me since my teen years. She still does, every day.

Pick a line from a writer who has inspired you for years, and use it to inspire art.


Make art about the Harvest Moon. Or about an eclipse. Use either as a metaphor in a new and different way.


Make art about stitches, something sewn together, or something coming apart at the seams.


Make art about a late night visitor.


We managed to surprise my oldest son with a birthday celebration today 🙂 Not an easy task to catch him off guard that way 🙂

Make art about surprising someone.


Came home from my walk to find The Fisher King on TV, one of my favorite movies.

Make art inspired by a scene from a favorite film.


Writing today about a particularly tough lesson I learned.

Make art about a hard lesson.



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