"This work is unlike any other, in its range of rich, conjuring imagery and its dexterity, its smart voice. Carroll-Hackett doesn’t spare us—but doesn’t save us—she draws a blueprint of power and class with her unflinching pivot: matter-of-fact and tender." —Jan Beatty

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Daily Prompt Love <3 A Need of Angels

14 March 2019 

I have need of angels.

Make art about needing an angel, or having one show up when you needed. 

angel healing






Daily Prompt Love <3 It's Okay to Ask

19 February 2019 

Took me a long time, a lifetime, to learn to do this.

Make art about asking for help. 

help hand

Daily Prompt Love x 2

27 February 2018

Make art about telling or hearing from someone these so-important words.

You Matter

28 February 2018

Yesterday I had a talk with my students, one I have with all of my classes at some point in the semester, a reminder that it’s okay to ask for help.

Make art about asking for help.

helping hand

Daily Prompt Catch-Up :-) Tests, Stars, and Those Helping Hands

3 May 2016

Exam week, and it’s crazy here 🙂 Make art about things that test us. 



4 May 2016

Star Wars Day 🙂 Even as a little kid, I stared at the sky expecting to see a UFO zipping across those wide coastal skies every time I looked up 🙂 

Make art about what you see in the stars. 



5 May 2016

I both gave and received help today. It was awesome. Make art about people helping people.


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