"This work is unlike any other, in its range of rich, conjuring imagery and its dexterity, its smart voice. Carroll-Hackett doesn’t spare us—but doesn’t save us—she draws a blueprint of power and class with her unflinching pivot: matter-of-fact and tender." —Jan Beatty

Had a chance to see my sister and a beautiful cousin I haven’t seen in years yesterday, so we’re a day late, but I promise this writer is worth the wait! 🙂 


jerry-mathes-author-photoThis week meet Jerry D. Mathes II, author of Fever and Guts: A Symphony, Ahead of the Flaming Front (winner of the North American Book Award), The Journal West, Fall in the Borderland, and the forthcoming collection of short stories, Shipwrecks and Other Stories. Jerry is a Jack Kent Cooke alumnus and is also the author of Still Life: A Novella, winner of the Meadow Prize for the Novella. His photography, poems, essays, and short stories, have won numerous awards. In 2011, he produced a short film, “Drinking Sangria in the Cold War,” which was adapted from one of his award winning short stories. He has worked as a martial arts instructor, an armor crewman, a construction worker, hotel auditor, car salesman, repo-man, delivery guy, cable guy, went logging, worked in forestry, crewed on several types of fishing vessels, fought wildfire on a helicopter-rappel crew, taught writing at the University of Idaho and Stephen F. Austin State University and taught the Southernmost Writers Workshop in the World at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station Antarctica during the 2009-2010 and 2011-2012 Austral summer seasons where he worked in logistics. He also wrote and directed two short films while at the South Pole. In 2012 he produced a video essay about wildfire. He loves his two daughters very much.

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