"This work is unlike any other, in its range of rich, conjuring imagery and its dexterity, its smart voice. Carroll-Hackett doesn’t spare us—but doesn’t save us—she draws a blueprint of power and class with her unflinching pivot: matter-of-fact and tender." —Jan Beatty

Doorknobs & BodyPaint
Guidelines & Prompts
Issue 82, May, 2016
Off to Work We Go

Submission deadline:
Opens–March 15, 2015 / Closes–April 17, 2016
Publication date: May 2016

Send Submissions to:

Call for Submissions

Off to Work We Go.  For many of us work is a daily destination filled with demands on our time and endless routine.  There is little time left for our dreams.  But, we all have them.  And, for a moment, over a cup of coffee or sandwich from home, we imagine what it would be like to do something else.  Something more exciting.  Something with a little adventure in it. Write your story within the limits of our contest guidelines (hoops):

DOORKNOBS Kieron Devlin, editor
1. Maximum length: 250 words.
2. The sub-theme is: discipline.
3. The year is:  2004.
4. Within the story, you must use this text:  sticking to the rules.TAPAS  (tiny morsels) Joanne Faries, editor
1.  Maximum length:  250 words.
2.  The sub-theme is: vacation.
3. Within the story, you must use this bit of text:  an embellished resume.
4. Like seasoning, it is language that makes your story unique. Surprise us.

HAYWARD FAULT LINE (shake us up) Leila Rae, editor 
1. Maximum length: 450 words.
2. The sub-theme is: endurable.
3. The setting is: Milwaukee, WI.
4. Within the story, you must use this bit of text: without yielding.

DORSAL CONTEST:  Bara Swain, editor

In John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, two migrant workers, George and his mentally disabled life-long friend Lennie, have come to a ranch in the Salinas Valley to find work in the middle of the Great Depression. George speaks of saving their stake so that they can one day buy a little place of their own where they can live off the fat of the land. The possibility of realizing their dream dissolves entirely when Curley’s wife makes advances on the bear-like Lennie, and horrible consequences ensue. The tragedy reveals the power of friendship and how even the simplest dream can provide hope in the face of desperation.

George’s hands stopped working with the cards. His voice was growing warmer. “An’ we could have a few pigs. I could build a smoke house like the one gran’pa had, an’ when we kill a pig we can smoke the bacon and the hams, and make sausage an’ all like that. An’ when the salmon run up river we could catch a hundred of ‘em an’ salt ‘em down or smoke ‘em. We could have them for breakfast. They ain’t nothing so nice as smoked salmon. When the fruit come in we could can it—and tomatoes, they’re easy to can. Ever’ Sunday we’d kill a chicken or a rabbit. Maybe we’d have a cow or a goat, and the cream is so God damned thick you got to cut it with a knife and take it out with a spoon.”

Write a 450 word story on the theme of work where a dream provides a way to overcome desolation. (Please note word count correction.)CAIRO ROOM
The Cairo Room contains all non-contest and writer’s pool selections under 450 words. From the exotic to the post-modern to hypertext to first time writers, this room welcomes all writers.

General Guidelines: 
1. Send your submission by email, please include your name, mailing address, email address, and bio at the beginning of each story; paste your story into the body of your email and send it in rich text form.

2. If you send more than one story (four total), send each story as a separate email. 

3. This is important. Put the category DK (Doorknobs), HF (Hayward Fault), DO (Dorsal), TA (Tapas), PB (Planet Betty), CR (Cairo Room), the issue #, and your last name on the subject line. (example: DK, 61, Argure) We use a filter for all email; therefore, if you do not put this information in the subject line, your email will automatically go into trash.

4. Do not send your story in HTML format or as an attachment. If you send your story in HTML format or as an attachment, it will be discarded.

Contest Prizes for each section (Doorknobs, Hayward Fault Line, Dorsal, Tapas):

An opportunity to read at one of Pandemonium Press Presents reading series.
We do not pay money for publishing your work.
The writers retains all copyright to their work.



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