"This work is unlike any other, in its range of rich, conjuring imagery and its dexterity, its smart voice. Carroll-Hackett doesn’t spare us—but doesn’t save us—she draws a blueprint of power and class with her unflinching pivot: matter-of-fact and tender." —Jan Beatty

Daily Prompt

Mornin news story on how law enforcement s now strongly encouragin people to report it if their neighbors are actin odd or “suspicious.” One of the signs they mentioned is havin lots of deliveries, like from UPS. If this is the standard, I’m screwed. Totalitarianism for breakfast 😦

Because I think we need to….Make art about resistance.


For the Consideration of Poets

by Haki Madhubuti

where is the poetry of resistance,

the poetry of honorable defiance

unafraid of lies from career politicians and business men,

not respectful of journalist who write

official speak void of educated thought

without double search or sub surface questions

that war talk demands?

where is the poetry of doubt and suspicion

not in the service of the state, bishops and priests,

not in the service of beautiful people and late night promises,

not in the service of influence, incompetence and academic

clown talk?


art is resistance


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