"This work is unlike any other, in its range of rich, conjuring imagery and its dexterity, its smart voice. Carroll-Hackett doesn’t spare us—but doesn’t save us—she draws a blueprint of power and class with her unflinching pivot: matter-of-fact and tender." —Jan Beatty

Spank the Carp


SPANK the CARP publishes unique, thought-provoking fiction and poetry that isn’t obscure or pretentious. Our goal is to invite readers to wade into the stream, not make them afraid of water for fear it’s too cold.

We look for tight, pithy Flash Fiction and Short Stories of any genre, including sci-fi and humor, except fantasy and erotica.

We also look for poetry that takes chances, including concrete or “shape” poetry.

NOTE: Each issue will include only four to six works, with a mix of fiction and poetry. There will be no set timetable; only when we feel we have a good variety will we publish an issue.


We publish fiction and poetry from any author including as yet unpublished writers or writers with only a few publications under their belt.  

Any genre, including hard science fiction, though PLEASE no fantasy, erotica, or sappy romance. Humor is good.

Flash Fiction (around 800 words or less). 

Short stories (around 6000 words or less).

Poetry that is lyrical, where you’ve paid as much attention to the sound of the words as to their meaning. Also concrete or shape poetry.

Regardless, we prefer works that cut to the chase, that are pithy, and have a sense of importance (without overdoing it). And by that we mean, you wrote something you felt needed to be written and put out there in the world.

Please DO NOT SUBMIT anything erotic, sexual, pornographic, or portraying gratuitous violence. Think PG-13, maybe PG-18. Also do not submit political or religious screeds disguised as fiction or poetry. Sensitive thought-provoking actual fiction that makes a general religious or political point, like something utopian or dystopian is okay, just no preaching. It won’t even be considered. Same goes with anything erotic, sexual, pornographic, or violent.

Anything you submit must be your own original creation. It must never have been published on any website or print publication that you do not personally own. If it has appeared only on your own blog or website or your own self-published printed material it is considered self-published. In this case, as long as you are the sole copyright owner, we will accept your work for consideration for reprint.

I’m looking for images and photos that depict Carp and Koi in artistic and natural settings. See the 
Past Ponds page for examples. A one sentence bio will appear under your image or photo. Submission process, compensation, and terms are the same as for written work.

Submission Process
All stories must be submitted via email. We will respond as quickly as possible. Expect a 30 to 45 day turnaround time.

Please submit one short story, one flash, or two poems at a time. Simultaneous submissions are fine but please inform us if your submission is accepted for publication elsewhere.

Please include:
– A docx, doc, or rtf formatted document. For visual poetry, png or jpg only.
– A two sentence max description of your work.
– Do not send a formal bio. If your work is accepted we will contact you for a formal bio. DO however tell us whether you have been published before.

Email to: the_carp (at) spankthecarp.com  with the word Submission as the subject.

No compensation can be offered at this time. If accepted, your work will appear prominently on the home page, with a link to it’s own page. This can easily be linked to from a personal or other website. Also, since we seek quality over quantity, in the issue in which your work appears, you will appear with only a few other authors and not buried in a sea of screen clutter.

Terms and Agreements
If we accept your work, we ask for First Serial Rights until publication. After publication all rights revert back to the author. Also your work will remain in our past issues archives unless you ask us to remove it. Exceptions to these terms can be granted on a case by case basis, just ask.

Visit Spank the Carp here: http://www.spankthecarp.com/

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